Home Broadband: Integrated Gateway

Integrated Gateway, also known as 3G Wireless Router or Fixed Mobile Convergence device, is an enhanced version of Mobile Wireless Routers. In addition to its wireless router function, integrated gateway also has a standard telephone port. With one mobile connection (one SIM card subscription), user can enjoy both telephony and data broadband at home or office.

While these are easy to use devices that provide the same benefits of Mobile Wireless Routers, including a VoIP telephone function may introduces a reliability issue. The exiting telephone network (land line) supply electricity to telephone units. While modern home telephone sets require external power supply to support their additional features, most telephone sets would work without mains electricity. In the event of a power failure, household can make emergency calls with the electricity provided by land line.

This is not possible with integrated gateways, as these devices are not physically connected to the telephone network via the wall sockets. Telephony service is provided through a digital simulation of voice that is transmitted through the mobile phone network. In other words, the integrated gateway stops working when your household's mains stop working. However, as a significant number of metropolitan owns a cellphone, this might not be a major issue. (Provided that you know where to find your mobile phone in an emergency.