Kung Fu Corner @ Kowloon Park (Videos)

Kung Fu Corner is a weekly event at the Sculpture Walk of Kowloon Park. Local Chinese Kung Fu, Wu Su or martial arts, enthusiasts gathered on every Sunday from 2:30 to 4:30pm to perform in front of a live audience.

Although it might sound exciting to see live combat, most of the performances are demonstrations of forms and stances. Forms and stances are important elements in Kung Fu that trains the muscle groups and reactions of the practitioners. They are performed in gradings within their own martial art organization, as well as major international competitions.

The Kung Fu Corner is an excellent event as it offers an opportunity for locals and tourists to observe the different styles of Chinese martial arts. (Admission is absolutely free.) It also provides an opportunity for the Kung Fu practitioners to get some stage time and practice prior to competitions.


The performers range from senior (Si Fu) to junior, male to female. The performances range from Northern to Southern styles, punches to kicks, to a wide range of weapons. We were there to bring you the highlights from the show.

Forms and Stances


Kowloon Park hosts a series of mini-shows and displays throughout the year. It is also the home of exotic birds and plants, a small natural heaven in the city.