Snoopy's World @ New Town Plaza

Hong Kong Snoopy's World
Address: 3/F, New Town Plaza, Shatin, Hong Kong

The Snoopy's World on the roof top of Hong Kong Sha Tin's New Town Plaza was the first Snoopy mini-theme park in Asia, first opened in 2000. It is a playground of the size of about two basketball courts featuring the famous peanut characters. In addition to the standard playground stuff, it also features Snoopy's house, "the" school bus and a mini-boat ride. There are over 50 peanut characters within the playground, it is a heaven for Charlie Brown and Snoopy's fans. Admission if free with the exception of the mini-boat ride.

The New Town Plaza is one of the major modern shopping malls in Hong Kong. It is adjacent to the Sha Tin MTR (railway) station, making it a prime location. Sha Tin, a quiet rural village prior to the 1980s, was one of the key "New Towns" developed by the Hong Kong Administrations. This area also symbolize the early achievements of the now Chief Executive of Hong Kong Donald Tsang, who was the District Officer in the early 80s.

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Friends

No~ don't jump! :p

The Snoopy's Land is near to the Sha Tin Park, which is another great place to visit. Here is an bird-eye view of the Snoopy's World.