Christmas Tree @ Elements

Elements, yet another giant shopping complex in Hong Kong, literally sets the foundation of extremely expensive residential real estates in Hong Kong. If you are into expensive properties at West Kowloon, here are the names that you must be aware of: The Waterfront, Sorrento Tower, The Harbourside, The Arch, The Cullinan; along with International Commerce Centre, which is the tallest building in Hong Kong at present, offering dear office space. The whole complex is built on reclamation ground.

It is not surprising that the shops at Elements predominately offers mid-high tier upmarket designer brands luxury goods and expensive restaurants. There is however a Starbucks, a McDonalds, a 7-11 and a cinema for everyone.

Elements put into a lot of efforts to attract foot traffic and potential shoppers. This Christmas, they have not put up any giant Christmas tress (tho there were smaller ones), instead they have built an amazing indoor snowy castle! I was beyond impressed when I saw this at the Elements.

Finally as a bonus, I am not sure whether this Mercedes Benz is on permanent display or not, but it has been on display at Elements for quite some time. Have a sweet dream on silent night!

Crystal Mercedes Benz at Elements

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