Christmas Tree @ Exchange Square

This Christmas Tree might be ordinary; the building that it is in isn't any ordinary building. Hundreds and thousands of elites from the financial sector walk passed this Christmas Tree per day. It is located at the Exchange Square in Central of Hong Kong.

Christmas Tree at Exchange Square

Being the home of Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited, along with numerous companies in the financial sector, the Exchange Square is an important building to the Asia and possibly the global stock market. The locals believed that the size, status and standards of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is closely behind the New York and London Stock Exchanges. While it is still true to a certain extent, the influence and potential of the Japan, joint Singapore-Australia, and Shanghai stock exchanges cannot be under estimated.

Exchange Square

However, it takes no finance expert to discover the reason that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was able to survive and grow in the past 10 years; was only due to the blessings and supports from the Chinese Central Government at Beijing. 

If one does not improve, it will lose it advantage in no time. I hope this will not happen to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; as the finance sector is an important pillar of the Hong Kong Economy.

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