Huka Falls @ Taupo (Videos)

If there is one water fall that you must visit in New Zealand, it would be Huka Falls near Taupo. It is easy to access with lots of photo opportunities.

Huka Falls, Taupo, New Zealand

Draining from the nearby Lake Taupo, Huka Falls is an important milestone of the mighty Waikato River. The Huka Falls are so powerful as the Waikato River narrows from 100m to only 15m just a few hundred meters upstream. The New Zealand government built footbridges and lookouts, making it easy for visitors to observe, hear and feel the power of the Huka Falls. Parking and admission is absolutely free.

Water flows from Mount Ruapehu (near Taupo, and it is the highest point in New Zealand's North Island) some 9000 feet above sea level to Lake Taupo (where the town Taupo is located); gained its momentum from the various falls like the Huka falls; and ends at Hamilton which is a few hundred feet above sea level. The horizontal distance of this stream of water is about 264 miles (425 km). The native Maori people named this the Waikato River, meaning flowing water.

Travel Tips
The Huka Falls carpark is adjacent to the State Highway 1. It is very easy to locate. The Huka Falls is just a few meters from the carpark! Once you have admired the scenes at the "main" visitors area, do not forget to explore the various short tracks and lookouts in the immediate area. This would give you a different perspective of the falls.

Since the Huka Falls is a popular tourist destination, the crime rate in that carpark is slight higher than other areas. Please lock your vehicles and look after your belongings.

Jet Boating near Huka Falls
There are companies that offers Jet Boat rides near Huka Falls. Some believed that they are a bit over priced. Jet Boat accidents has happened at the Huka Falls (passengers got thrown out). However, they are really fun especially if you want to get wet and cool down in the summer.

I personally liked the scenery at the Huka Falls very much, especially on a sunny New Zealand day. It is so clear, so clean, so green with an amazing light blue. Here is a clip of Huka Falls in action.

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