Huka Honey Hive @ Taupo

Literally just down the road from the Huka Falls, there is a sweet little house that sells honey product. When I last visited, they called themselves "The Honey Hive". I believed they have changed their name to Huka Honey Hive

It is a souvenir shop; a small cafe; a bee farm as well as a bee museum. You are free to explore all sorts of knowledge related to bees and honey. If you are interested, you can sample or purchase honey related products. Just walk in and their friendly staff will assist you with patience. (Disclaimer: It does sound like a commercial. But again, as mentioned in the lion zoo post: I am just a tourist who enjoyed my visit. I am not related to these businesses.)

Travel Tips

If you love to learn all about bees and purchase honey products (hand cream, soap, shampoo, honey capsule and processed natural honey), you might end up spending 3 hours in the shop.

If you are curious about bees related knowledge but not their products, allow 45 minutes for your visit. If you are just there to have a quick look, 15 minutes is more than enough!

It was the first time I saw an actual beehive.

We spent just under an hour at the Huka Honey Hive. I learned how to spot a queen bee from a colony of bees. It was a fascinating experience to observe bees getting in and out of their honeycomb (the cells).

A trivial fact, cellphone and cell site concept were inspired by the layout of honeycomb in a beehive!