Whangarei Falls @ Whangarei

This is the Whangarei falls. The locals described the Whangarei falls as the most photogenic falls in New Zealand. If compared with the Huka Falls in Taupo, the Whangarei falls looked like a small garden hose. I am sorry Miss Photogenic but this is the truth.

The Whangarei Falls

However, being small and tiny does have its advantage: visitors can get up close (and real close) with the Whangarei falls. Standing on the other side of the pond, we could cleanse our faces with the water drops in the air. There is a loop track around the Whangarei Falls, allowing visitors to have a closer look from different angles.

Whangarei is the gateway to all the small towns at the top of New Zealand's North Island. It is a major town built mainly for residential purpose. The number of tourist attractions in Whangarei is very limited. As friendly host, the locals are trying their best to locate tourist attractions in town. Unfortunately, Whangarei was really not built for tourism.

Feel the moisture in the air ~

Although there is another route, most visitors would drive pass Whangarei if they wish to visit the Bay of Islands, Cape Reinga or the Ninety Mile Beach. If you happen to drive pass Whangarei and wish to observe flowing water, Whangarei Falls is a great place to have your packed lunch or a small panic. Beware of speed cameras when you drive in and out of Whangarei. The traffic cops are really hard working!