Chinese New Year Displays @ ifc mall

Chinese New Year celebrations would not be complete without the presence of Chinese Dragon and Phoenix. Although we would have to wait till 2012 for the Year of the Dragon to arrive, it is appropriate to have Dragon displays in this Year of the Hare.

Dragon and Phoenix at ifc mall, Hong Kong, China

The ifc mall at the Central district on the Hong Kong Island have installed a pair of Dragon and Phoenix at their atrium. Underneath this dynamic duo, a mini-Chinese garden was setup on red carpet.

A modern yet traditional Chinese Garden at ifc mall

These Chinese New Year Displays matched the theme of the mall. They are modem yet traditional; simple yet grand; and professionally cool yet charmingly warm. As mentioned previously, the "International Finance Centre" or "ifc one & two" is one of the most expensive (in terms of both rent and the goods that the shops offer) shopping complex and office towers in Hong Kong. 

Chinese Decors at Atrium, ifc mall

The majority of tenants in the ifc office towers are global firms in the finance industry. Most shops in the mall offers expensive designer brand garment, accessories or skin care products. There is however a supermarket and a McDonalds, offering food at a slightly higher (than usual) price. It indicates one's social status and mindset if one would prefer (or only) to shop at ifc mall.