Chinese New Year Rabbit Displays @ One Grand Tower

All the households in town are busy preparing for the arrivals of the Year of the Hare. Shopping malls in Hong Kong have already set up decors, displays and exhibits to celebrate this important event in the Lunar Calendar. The displays at One Grand Tower in Mong Kok has combined rabbits with a Chinese New Year tradition.

Giant Tray of Togetherness with dried melon seeds at One Grand Tower, Mong Kok

It is a custom to visit the home of relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year period. Every Chinese family would have a "Zan" candy box at home for guests or kids at home to nibble. One Grand Tower has put a giant "Zan" candy box at their lobby.

The literal translation of this unique box of candy is "complete box", it is also known as the "Tray of Togetherness". Guests who nibbles the tasty treats are blessed for togetherness and completeness. The giant candy box has all the essential treats needed, for example, giant candied lotus seeds and dried melon seeds. They are however guarded by these men in a cute rabbit costumes tho.

Chinese New Year displays at Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The One Grand Tower is located at the heart of Mong Kok, an area made famous for bargain shopping. The floor space at One and Two Grand Tower are predominately occupied by restaurants, fitness clubs and offices. Shoppers would usually go to Langham Place or other street level shops if they are looking for goods. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant to see One Grand Tower put up such interesting displays for Chinese New Year.