The 26th Hong Kong Koi Show (Videos)

The 26th Hong Kong Koi Show was held at Kowloon Park on the 22 and 23 January 2011. Koi enthusiast showcased their "best looking fish" to compete for various Championships in different categories.

The Grand Champion at the 26th Hong Kong Koi Show 2011

There were over 100 Koi on display. The smallest Koi can easily fit into a 1.5L soft-drink bottle; the largest Koi is probably as big as a 1.5L soft-drink bottle! The general public and curious tourists like myself had a chance to observe and admire these colourful fishes.

Koi competes at the 26 Hong Kong Koi Show

Fish Breeding is certainly a hobby that requires a lot of patient. I would imagine that Koi breeders find their experience rewarding. The patterns on these colourful creatures are so beautiful and charming. The movement of these swimmers are graceful and elegant. One can find a peace of mind when observing Koi swimming in a tank.

A White and Orange Koi

A Golden Koi

A Black and Orange Koi

Koi chasing each other.
The show was organized by the Hong Kong Koi Club. Admission was free for all. I am patiently waiting for the 27th annual Koi Show!

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Smaller Koi required special treatment

The 26th Hong Kong Koi Show