Antiquities and Monuments Office

The Antiquities and Monuments Office, now housed in the former Kowloon British School, has a responsibility to identify, record and research on buildings and items of historical interest to preserve Hong Kong's monuments under appropriate protection.

Antiquities and Monuments Office, the former Kowloon British School on Nathan Road

The historic building is open to public with guided tours at set times. It is however an office, the area that the public can access is limited.

The former Kowloon British School and its Victorian structure

The Antiquities and Monuments Office is located at the Tsim Sha Tsui end of the famous Nathan Road. With its typical Victorian structure and its charming red bricks, the former Kowloon British School is a popular site for photography enthusiasts as well as television and movie crews.

A typical Victorian structure in Hong Kong

The Antiquities and Monuments Office keeps a directory of Declared Monuments in Hong Kong, as well as Grade I, II and III Historic Buildings in Hong Kong. Here is a list of some of these historic buildings reported on our blog.

Declared Monuments

Grade I Historic Buildings

Antiquities and Monuments Office, Hong Kong

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