Colour Garden @ Kowloon Park

A Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! We can be happy about almost everyday for different reasons. You've probably heard and read enough about the St. Valentine's Day in the past few days. Instead of repeating what's being said, let me present a post with these flowers to you.

Flowers at Colour Garden, Kowloon Park

These flowers are still blooming at the Colour Garden of the Kowloon Park.

Being a free public park funded by the Hong Kong Government, Kowloon Park invest generously into plants. The flowers at the various corners are changed regularly by gardeners to ensure that there flowers are blooming throughout all four seasons.

A Bee at work

Flower in Pink

With flowers organized in ring-shaped flower beds, the Colour Garden attracts a lot of photography enthusiasts. You can find the Colour Garden at the South-West end of Kowloon Park, opposite to the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, which is a former British Barrack.

Colour Garden at Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

This Winter, flowers are Blooming at Kowloon Park