Peach Blossoms @ Pacific Place

Peach Blossoms, the magic plant that is ideal for enhancing one's popularity, attractiveness to the opposite sex or love relationships in general, is very popular during the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day period. Shopping malls would usually arrange several of these charming plants to lift the Spring spirits.

Peach Blossoms at Pacific Place, Hong Kong

This year, the weather has been so cold that most flowers did not open in time for the Chinese New Year. However, these peach blossoms at the Pacific Place are ready for tomorrow: Valentine's Day.

Pacific Place, yet another shopping mall in Hong Kong that offers mostly luxury items, is located at a business district named Admiralty. The area is full of office towers and that are occupied by white collars. Most of Admiralty gets rather quiet on the weekends. 

The Pacific Place is at a prime location in Admiralty. It is directly opposite to a major bus terminus, with buses going to Hong Kong's Ocean Park. Pedestrians who wish to go to the Hong Kong Park or The Peak Tramway can take a short cut through the Pacific Place shopping area.