Hong Kong Disneyland - Part I

"When you wish upon a star ~ Make no difference who you are ~!" Located at the North East corner of the Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland has been realizing dreams in the gateway of China since 2005. It is the newest and the smallest Disneyland in the world.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

While the size of real estate is evident, the size of a dream cannot be measured. With Mickey and friends welcoming their guests using the usual and familiar friendly gestures, Hong Kong Disneyland is a relax day-trip destination.

The back of the Sleeping Beauty Castle

Once you are inside the theme park, you are most likely to find that 70% of your fellow visitors are from mainland China; and 20% are local families who are visiting for the 15th time in the year (since they have purchased an annal pass).

No matter where you come from, the host would put on a good show. One of the key elements of its magic is certainly the charming music that are being played at all corners of the park. We will have a look at the four themed areas of the Hong Kong Disneyland in Part II.

Main Street of Hong Kong Disneyland

It is not difficult to find the long list of controversies and criticisms related to Hong Kong Disneyland. The biggest being the fact that the Hong Kong Government was (and is) so eager for Mickey to come to town; offered land and money to build the theme park; willing to become the dominant share holder who has no say into the operation of the park; and tolerated the annual operating loss in the past five years.

Perhaps the fact that hurts most is: Shanghai Disneyland is planned to open in 2014 (despite Disney's originally "promise" of Hong Kong Disneyland being the only Disneyland in China. Business is business.

Travel Tips:
- Tickets can be purchased at the main entrance
- Buses, taxis and the MTR (railway) can take you to Hong Kong Disneyland
- Special parades available during the Chinese New Year period and Summer Holidays (around July)
- Special night sessions are held in October, with "Halloween themed" temporary haunted house.
- Honestly speaking, unless you are a Disney fan, spend your time to explore other parts Hong Kong if you have already been to any other Disneyland in the world

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