Ngong Ping Village

Built next to the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Terminal, the Ngong Ping Village is a themed shopping and dining area on the Lantau Island. A key feature of the village is its traditional Chinese architectural designs, offering plenty of photo opportunities.

Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

From the cable car terminal, visitors can find shops on both sides of the road that leads to the Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Buddha and the Wisdom Path. Most shops in the Ngong Ping Village offer traditional Chinese themed souvenirs, groceries or food at tourist prices.

The Big Buddha from the Ngong Ping Village

The admission to the village is free; except its key attractions: Walking with Buddha, the Monkey's Tale Theatre and the Ngong Ping Tea House. Admission fees are slightly overpriced, considered the class and scale of near by attractions such as the Big Buddha. Nonetheless, the Ngong Ping Village is a good "30-minutes-warm-up" stop for the other exciting attractions in the Ngong Ping area.

Ngong Ping Village, Hong Kong

The Ngong Ping Village host various events to attract visitors and shoppers during special seasons; including the Parkour Extravaganza reported on our blog earlier. It is however not an actual village that the locals resides in. If you wish to explore traditional villages in Hong Kong, take a bus from the Ngong Ping Village bus terminus to the Tai O fishing village (which is also on the Lantau Island).

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