The Wisdom Path

On the Phoenix Mountain of the Lantau Island, a short walk from the famous Tian Tan Buddha, 38 giant rectangular wood pillars organized in the form of infinite figure (horizontal "8") presents one of the world's best known Buddhist prayers "Heart Sutra". The Wisdom Path is the world's largest outdoor display of its kind. 

The Wisdom Path at Lantau Island

First erected in 2005, these wooden pillars were chemically treated and predicted to last for 100 years. Unfortunately they were badly attacked by insects and molds; and undergone re-coat in just one year after its opening.

Even if you do not understand Chinese calligraphy, the Wisdom path is like the sugar coating to your visit to the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha. To our surprise, this group of pillars were not set up by the nearby Monastery. It was set up by the Hong Kong Government as a tourist attraction.

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