Beach @ Repulse Bay

Fancy a relaxing afternoon on a beach when you are in Hong Kong? Take a bus trip to the Repulse Bay on Southern Hong Kong Island.

It's big, it's flat, and it's (relatively) safe. Repulse Bay attracts thousands of swimmers during summer months. It gets extremely crowded during school Summer breaks in July and August.


Besides a big long beach, Repulse Bay has a collection of extremely expensive real estates. There are however very little shopping area in Repulse Bay (the area not yet conquered by mega shopping malls yet).

Visitors can also enjoy their visit in a thin strip of green picnic area, and visit the Tin Hau Temple at Repulse Bay.

The beach is famous and of significant value to the locals. Its name features on the Hong Kong version of the broad game Monopoly.

Stanly Beach might be a better option if you wish to shop, sight see and relax on a beach on the same day. Repulse Bay is definitely the beach to be at if your primary purpose is to sunbath and swim!