iPhone Case n Packaging Exhibition @ K11

iPhone4, the popular cell phone that is owned by millions, is perhaps a fashion statement. Owners would often create or purchase iPhone cases that best describes their character. 

Thumbs up iPhone4 Case

The World's First Fine Arts shopping mall, K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, is currently holding a small "iPhone Case n Packaging Exhibition" to sparkles new ideas to decorate your iPhone.

"Write more Type less" iPhone4 Case

"Unicorn" iPhone4 Case

A small collection of iPhone4 case mock-ups are being displayed on the first floor of the artist shopping malls. Local designers showcased their talents and out-of-the-box thinking skills in creating unique iPhone4 cases.

"Chocolate Baby" iPhone4 Case

"Ham Phone4" Case

"Chinese fortune telling" iPhone4 Case

K11 has also brought us the Sweet Delight Mona Lisa Mosaic and Paris Fashion Week displays.

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