iPhone4 Cases Vending Machine

Have an urge to purchase a new protective case for your iPhone4 before hopping on Hong Kong's communal transportation system? Wave your proximity card to pay by electronic money and collect a fashionable iPhone4 case at this vending machine.

iPhone4 Cases Vending Machine in Hong Kong

These iPhone4 cases vending machines can be found at various MTR (subway) stations. These photos were taken at the Austin Station, a station that would only get short bursts of foot traffic during rush hours.

Select, Purchase and Collect

The operation of these vending machines are similar to any standard Coke vending machine: select the item from the shelf, pay with an Octopus card (Hong Kong's electronic money), and collect the item from the bottom tray of the machine.

By looking through the plastic window, these iPhone cases are unique and fashionable. There are also a range of colours to choose from. While it sounds like a convenient idea, potential customers cannot touch and feel the product prior the purchase.

The selling price of these cases do raise a few eyebrows. These fashionable iPhone4 cases ranges from $168 to $198 HKD (around $20 USD). It difficult to image potential customers rushing to catch the next train would pay for such an amount for something that they have no prior knowledge of (i.e. soft drinks are suitable for vending machines as the potential customers have prior knowledge of the product). Having said that, a big thumbs up for these brave entrepreneur.

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