Pixar: 25 Years of Animation @ Hong Kong

Pixar Animation Studios, the company behind famous characters such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Nemo and the Incredible family, is on a global tour to showcase their original art works. Hong Kong is its first stop outside of the United States.

Pixar: 25 Years of Animation in Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin is currently hosting the "Pixar: 25 Years of Animation" from 28 Mar to 11 Jul 2011.

The exhibition showcased original sketches, maquettes, scripts and colourscripts of Pixars famous animations including: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Wall-E...

Buzz Lightyear at Pixar: 25 Years of Animation

Amongst those were a collection of Toy Story maquettes on a rotating table. Coupled with flash lights, the characters dance in front of its audience. The same exhibits can be found at the Hong Kong Disneyland.

These originally art works have attracted numerous local visitors on a Sunday afternoon. The exhibition area was so crowded that one can hardly pay any attention to the exhibits. Consider to avoid weekends or school holidays should you wish to spend quality time with the exhibits.

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