LEGO Store @ Rockefeller

Before the age of iPhone and Android smartphones, kids used to play with something called toys. One of the most well known and popular toy brand is LEGO. These colored blocks prompt kids to construct, to create (to a certain degree that is) and to t-h-i-n-k.

Whether you grew up playing LEGO or not, check out this store at where 5th Ave and 50th Street of New York City meets. This mini-playground of LEGO at the Rockefeller square showcased the current range of LEGO. There is also a creative corner where you can mix-and-match to build your favorite LEGO objects or characters.

The most interesting piece of LEGO was of course the giant model that replicate objects in the real world. In this store at Rockefeller square, there is a LEGO version of Atlas, a statue that stands right outside. This LEGO spirit is perhaps why these plastic blocks can be so interesting.

By the way, if you pay closer attention, you may also discover the secretes behind the logo.