Mid-Autumn Festival et China National Day

You have GOT to "Like" the number of public holidays one can enjoy in Hong Kong!
Moon cakes from The Peninsula Hong Kong

In this 2012, 30th September happens to be the 15th day in the 8th month of Chinese lunar calender. The folks here in Hong Kong are granted a day of public holiday to celebrate a traditional Chinese festival: mid-Autumn festival on this day.

Since this day falls on a Sunday this year, a day of public holiday is granted on the next day, which is 1st October. On the other hand, 1st October has been the National Day of the People's Republic of China since 1949. After the handover in 1997, Hong Kong gets a day of public holiday on this day every year. Due to the similar reason mentioned above, as the National Day falls on a public holiday (as a result of this year's mid-Autumn festival), a day of public holiday is granted on the next day, 2nd October.

Note: In case you are wondering, despite of its name "festival", it is actually just one day. Also, this day of public holiday in Hong Kong in granted on the "Western" calender, but in accordance to the lunar calendar. Furthermore, the Chinese lunar calendar and Western calender does not sync hence mid-Autumn festival will most likely fall on a different day in the Western calender next year.

Counting Saturday and Sunday, that's four days of holidays in row! Local working folks would usually endeavor to take extra days of annual leaves to create an even longer holiday. Many folks would travel to South East Asia to recharge their bodies or just enjoy family time here in Hong Kong. For those who stayed in Hong Kong, there are plenty of mid-Autumn festival activities in Hong Kong that one can experience. Moon Cakes tasting is one of the must-dos!

Google search what moon-cake is if you don't know. Basically they are small pieces of sweet desserts with one or more egg yolks to guarantee good taste with loads of calories! Chinese would usually slice moon cakes into small slices and share amongst families during mid-Autumn festival dinner.