Remains of Shanghai World Expo 2010

In 2010, the whole of Shanghai and most of China has gone all crazy about something called World Expo. On the surface, the original intention of World Expo is to introduce the different nations on this planets to visitors of the hosting city. The Chinese of course saw this differently. They saw it as the chance to show off the magnificence of China to the world.

Shanghai Maglev Train Station at Longyang Road

What really happened was, the majority of visitors were from different corners of China. These local visitors travelled to Shanghai and saw how well China presented itself to the world, while dreaming that all foreign visitors would admire China's greatness. While this could be true, foreign visitors were the minority. World Expo has successfully archived its actual purpose: showing the world to the locals at the hosting country, while keeping them excited about the greatness of their own country.

Shanghai was already a very modern world class city in 2010. It did not need the World Expo to prove itself. However, since it was committed to the event, plenty, plenty and plenty of investments in infrastructures were made. It was a good show. It was one of the most amazing World Expo. What did not impressed some locals was the aftermath...

The China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo 上海世博中国馆

Abandoned like an orphan, the remains of the Shanghai World Expo (上海世博会 in Chinese) still sits at a quiet corner of Shanghai. One of the remaining structure was the China pavilion (上海世博中国馆 in Chinese). The China pavilion had its glorious days. It was visited by thousands and thousands of visitors, filmed by thousands and thousands of cameras. Now, it has been forgotten and remained silently like an once famous actress.

Even the metro station of the China Pavilion is brighter than the current China Pavilion

If you are a curious traveller like me who did not attended the Shanghai World Expo and wanted to visit the current China pavilion, please don't. What you will found is a sadly quite area and an urge to seek an refund of your evening.

Perhaps the only wonderful thing that the Shanghai World Expo brought was the Shanghai Maglev train (上海磁浮 in Chinese). It extend from Shanghai Pudong Airport (浦东机场 in Chinese) to a metro station called Longyang Road (龙阳路 in Chinese). My first impression of Longyang Road was the middle of no where. I felt better after realizing that it is near a metro station and the journey could be continued. 

Shanghai Maglev Train at Pudong Airport

What's special about the Maglev train? It is a railway that travels at a maximum speed of 300 km/h. It's one of those things that one should try if you haven't; but you would say that "it's nothing special" after you have tried. Nonetheless, it is a quicker means to the city center during rush hour.

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