Elephant Ride and Show (Video)

Thailand is one of the countries where you can find Asian elephants. It is an unique experience to ride on these giant animals in the bushes. Hua Hin elephant rides can be organized by the hotel you stay in. The elephant place we visited provide pick-up from hotel, one hour elephant ride as well as a mini elephant show.

Elephant is Coming!

The ride began with the sound of unique footsteps. A two meter elephant appear from just round the corner with a driver on its head. We walked up a wooden staircase to a platform, where we can move to a basket tired on the back of the elephant. The seats are made of wood that hurts our bottom, the "safety belt" was as loose as a goose. These didn't matter because the journey has begun.

The driver, who spoke some English, guided the elephant towards the bushes. The ride was bumpy and the basket was rocky. What surprised me was the fact that the driver simply sat on the elephant's head and put his legs behind the elephants ears. Apart from talking with us, he talked to (or shall I say yelled at) the elephant rather frequent to give commands.

This is how our driver rode on the elephant

While walking through the bushes, the elephant stopped quite often to eat. It would use its nose to tear off branches of leaf, roll its nose and put into its mouth. It did this while walking on the flats,while climbing up and down hills. 

The one hour journey was rather pleasant, apart from the occasional moments of doubt whether we would fell off from out seats. At the end of the journey, we were invited to feed the elephant with banana and other fruits (with additional charges, of course). The visit end with the performance of a trained four year old baby elephant. It was doing all sort of tricks such as played music, basket ball, soccer and danced to lady gaga music.

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We are ready for our next elephant ride, hopefully in huge forests or somewhere in Africa!

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