Giant Garfield @ Hong Kong

It's huge! It's Garfield! To celebrate this Christmas, Maritime Square at Tsing Yi District in Hong Kong put on a huge Garfield figure. It is part of Orange Christmas 2012 Garfield x Panda-a-Panda Christmas decorations. This two stories tall cat face has certainly up-lifted the spirit of this MTR shopping mall.

Giant Garfield @ Hong Kong

Although workers are still installing final pieces of this temporary display, one can clearly see Garfield is covered in patches of snow. Once completed, it would offer plenty of photo opportunities for shoppers. As the slogan of the display puts it, it's time for an Orange Christmas!

Garfield the cat at Maritime Square, Hong Kong

Although it is only early November, major shopping malls around Hong Kong are already setting up Christmas decorations. As the local Hong Kong market constantly asked for displays that offer elements of surprises, most shopping mall would not just go down the ordinary path and put up Santa and his rain deers. They would usually theme their Christmas display together with some other characters or symbols.

It's a big big big Garfield

For some reason, young parents in Hong Kong love to take pictures of their children with unique display such as this Garfield. Having such huge displays would guarantee additional foot traffic to the shopping mall and most likely more business. Go Garfield! Go Orange Christmas!

Enjoy an Orange Christmas with Garfield