Canstruction Hong Kong 2012

Canstruction, a food charity event, is currently happening at the Olympian City in Tai Kok Tsui district of Hong Kong. Teams piled up cans to create artistic structures in this local shopping mall to attract awareness and "giving hope" to ones who needed. 

A huge pig made of canned food!

According to the organizers of "Olympian City x Food Angel – Christmas canstruction® Hong Kong", the canned food on displayed will be donated to local food banks. While it is a nice gesture to do so, it is highly suspicious that the choice of cans used were limited to only the brands of the event sponsors.

Furthermore, whether the choice of canned food are the kind of food that are most need or most preferred by the food banks are also of question. Having said that, there are still enough baked beans for everybody. Nonetheless, these cans created artistic displays for shoppers.

Canstruction that requires imagination

Angel wings

Some... thing... that requires more imagination

Sushi canstruction!

Plenty of Baked Beans for food banks

Yes... some of these "canstructures" were easy to understand; some required lots and lots of abstract thinking and imagination. Hong Kong artists perhaps should learn from foreign artists to canstruct better Canstructions next year.