Christmas Trees and Lights at Shanghai

Twenty years ago, who would have thought that Shanghai would be full of modern shopping malls? Who would have thought that Shanghai would put up Christmas trees, lights and decorations to celebrate Christmas? Thanks to the open policy, Western culture has influenced China's major trade port, Shanghai, once again. 

Christmas Decorations at Shanghai, China

Apart from the fact that there are a growing number of Westerners in Shanghai, property developers from Hong Kong helped to bring the modern Christmas culture from Hong Kong to China.

Most modern shopping malls in Shanghai are jointly built and operated by Hong Kong property developers. As you would discover from our blog, they like to set up Christmas decorations, trees and lights in a modern fashion.

In my recent visit to Shanghai, I have visited several shopping malls. It is evident that this Hong Kong influence has uplifted Shanghai's Christmas spirit! Christmas lights and trees from the Xujiahui area and Nanjing Road Shopping areas are prime examples of this positive change.