Korean Band Big Bang at Causeway Bay

Hong Kong is a city full of advertisements. This is particularly true in key shopping areas such as Causeway Bay on the Hong Kong Island. The Korean electronic giant Samsung sponsored the Hong Kong Concert of Korean boy band BigBang.

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 @ Hong Kong

Although Korean boy band has its niche in Hong Kong, they are really not that popular amongst most locals. Hence promotion is necessary. A set of promotional materials are currently on displayed at prime location in the Causeway Bay shopping area. 

BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 @ Hong Kong

On one hand, BigBang can maintain and increase its fan base. On the other, Samsung can further increase its brand awareness. Having these promotional pieces for BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 do benefit the band, sponsor and its fans.

Tae Yang @ BigBang

Dae Sung @ BigBang

G-Dragon @ BigBang

Seung Ri @ BigBang

T.O.P @ BigBang

As a person who is neither a fan of Samsung nor BigBang, I found it interesting. When the first time I say these piece, quite honestly, I found it rather old school funny. The main theme of this advertisement is certainly "cyber slash outer space slash Avatar type hip and cool". To be rather frank tho, the end product looked like a bunch of young men who did not have enough exercise and needed oxygen masks to assist to breath.

Where the BigBang advertising pieces are placed also tells an unique Hong Kong story. Hong Kong really is an unusual city. The city is full of shops for tourists (mostly mainland Chinese tourist nowadays). The real estates market is crazy. Real estates especially ground floor shops in key shopping areas such as Causeway Bay is extremely expensive. This has created my unusual phenomenon. One of this is the magnificent flash and new ground floor shopping mall with old residential building on its top.

Having said that, most BigBang fans would only focus on the men-sized card board of their favourite BigBang members.