Mona Lisa Toast Mosaic Upgraded

We have previously report a piece of art on permanent display at the K11 shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong. It is Mona Lisa Mosaic made with Toast!

Mona Lisa Toast Mosaic at K11 Shopping Mall

In the original work, or should I say: in my previous visit, Mona Lisa was holding a cup of ice cream. This has changed to something modern and trendy. Have a guess what Mona Lisa is holding before you click "read more"...

Mona Lisa is holding a smartphone in this toast mosaic. It looks kind of like an iPhone but it also looks like a Galaxy. It would have been an old Nokia but it didn't matter. It's fun!

Thank you Maurice Bennett (the artist), you have lightened up my day! I am looking forward to the next upgrade! 

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