Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Skyline (Videos)

It's Boxing Day! We have a present for YOU!

On 2010 Boxing day, we brought you Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. This 2012, we are bringing you Shanghai's Huangpu River: the skyline of Lujiazui District of Pudong from The Bund.

Shanghai Lujiazui from The Bund

Shanghai waitan "The Bund" is a fascinating place that one will never get tired of. On my previous visit, views of Lujiazui were partially blocked by clouds and mists in the air. In a recent visit, I finally get to capture great pictures of Lujiazui, one of Shanghai's fastest booming commercial area.

The Bund it self of course a place of significance. Buildings from around late 18th and early 19th Century are persevered and maintained with care. Amber lights are shaded at nights to highlight their historical values.

The Bund offer great opportunities of the other side of the river: Lujiazui Commercial Area. It would only be fair to compare pictures taken on a nice day at the Bund at Shanghai with pictures of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.

While it is clear that buildings in the Lujiazui cooperate dynamically to create a marvelous picture of light, one reason that this picture would never be better than the picture of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour is due to Lujiazui's terrain constrains. It is flat.

The backdrop of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour is the mountain ranges of Hong Kong Island. Buildings tall and short; new and old contributed to the overall picture. Unless Lujiazui build a mountain behind its buildings, its picture will always be the second best in China. Having said all that, a visit to The Bund of Shanghai is definitely worthwhile.