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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apple Stores around the World

Apple Store is perhaps one of the most well known store around the world nowadays. Those who have heard of Apple Inc. would know for sure that Apple Retail Store does not offer tasty fruits. It offers sexy information technology products.
Apple Store at Fifth Avenue of NYC

Crazy fans may see Apple Stores as temples or heaven; while critics see these stores as living hell. Whether you are a fan of Mac, iPhone, iPad or other i-gadgets, one should at least walk into an Apple Store for once to experience how Apple do business.

Apple Store at IFC shopping mall, Hong Kong

Last year, I just happened to visit three Apple Stores at three world class cities: NYC, HKG and SHA! I myself is not an Apple fan and I was not looking for these Apple Store. I did not need to look for them as I ran into these stores naturally. The reason is simple, Apple set up their stores at the best shopping locations at major cities.

Apple Store at Nanjing Road Shopping Area, Shanghai

The Apple Store in New York City that I have been to was on 5th Avenue adjacent to the famous Trump Tower. The Apple Store I visited in Hong Kong is at the IFC shopping mall that is directly above Hong Kong Station. I also ran into an Apple Store at Nanjing Road Shopping Area in Shanghai.

Hong Kong IFC Apple Store during Christmas

Hong Kong IFC Apple Store during Christmas

The world is flat. While these retail stores are located at different areas around the world, the interior design is the same. The staff serve you in a more or less similar manner.

Apple Store at Nanjing Road Shopping Area, Shanghai

Despite the current trends in eCommerce and online shopping, Apple is expanding its network of Apple Retail Stores around the world. Take the case in Hong Kong as an example. Apple Store at IFC used to be the only Apple Store in Hong Kong. Last year, two new stores were opened at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong and Causeway Bay. A new store will soon open this year at Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is an eye opener to see how Apple's willingness to pay sky high rent to display their products at prime shopping locations.

Hong Kong's first Apple Store