Moomin at The ONE Hong Kong

The Moomins (Swedish: Mumintroll, Finnish: Muumi) are in Hong Kong! This family of Finnish cartoon characters are now at The ONE shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui on "The ONE x Moomin Summer Train" (Chinese: The ONE x MOOMIN 盛夏行樂列車).

The ONE x MOOMIN 盛夏行樂列車

Although there are many characters in the Moomins, Moomin, the central character and his family are white Hippopotamus. If you think that they are cute in the comics, they are even cuter in-person! Go to The ONE shopping mall and say hello to Moomin.

Moomin Train

Snufkin and Little My with the Moonins

The Moomins x The ONE train

As we have previously introduced, The ONE is an unique shopping mall on Hong Kong's Nathan Road. It periodically organize displays of all sorts to attract foot traffic. Despite it is not as popular as Hello Kitty or the Iron Man, the Moomin are well known to generation X and Y in Hong Kong. The ONE did a good job in bring these characters life and put them on a train!

The Moonmins are on a train in Hong Kong

Moomin x The ONE

Moomin @The ONE