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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paris Retro by Maron Bouillie at Olympian City

Paris can now be found in Hong Kong! Sino Art set up a street corner of Paris in the atrium of Olympian City 2 shopping mall for an exhibition named 尋找巴黎 Paris Rétro by Maron Bouillie.

Paris Retro by Maron Bouillie at Olympian City, Hong Kong

Maron Bouillie is a french photographer, designer and visual artist. Her focus in this exhibition is to capture and present the 'old shops' in Paris that are slowing disappearing. The photographs from Maron are printed on textile items presented inside these 'shops' made of wood board.

Paris Retro at Olympian City

Six meter indoor Eiffel Tower at Olympian City

The organizers Sino Art replicated over ten 'old shops' of Paris at Olympian City 2 shopping mall at Tai Kok Tsui in Kowloon. To make sure that its visitors know that it is Paris, a 6 meter Eiffel tower is also erected.

Paris 'old shops' at Olympian City

Check out this video by Sino Art to learn more about this exhibition.