Christmas Celestial Charm at 1881 Heritage

Located at Tsim Sha Tsui water front, one of Hong Kong's prime location, 1881 Heritage makes an effort to celebrate Christmas with style every year. Whether it was the giant Merry Go Round or huge Teddy Bear, 1881 Heritage has always added a doze of classiness to its Christmas decorations.

Christmas Celestial Charm at 1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Home to the former Marine Police Headquarters, 1881 Heritage is now shopping complex of luxury item cum fine dining restaurant plus boutique hotel! Significant investments was made to preserve and exhibit the historical monument, and every Christmas is 1881 Heritage golden chance to further promote its grand image.

Angels and Bells at 1881 Heritage

Christmas Bells at 1881 Heritage

This Christmas, 1881 Heritage has replicated angelic art pieces from European exquisite renaissance cathedral and presented an exhibition named Celestial Charm. Giant bells surrounded by archangels created a stunning image together with a giant Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree at 1881 Heritage

As always, these huge outdoor Christmas declarations worked well with the former Marine Police Headquarters (an historic building) and One Peking Road (a modern building) to create a unique photography opportunity.

Perhaps the only area for 1881 Heritage to improve on at the next Christmas is the use of spot lights. The current set up made it difficult for photographers as the spot lights often seal the lime lights of the Christmas exhibits when taking photos from most angles. It was rather difficult to get a good angle of the angels...