Wishes on the Wind

With a mission to promote Hong Kong's tourism, the Hong Kong Tourism Board works with different parties to lighten up Hong Kong's festival spirit every Christmas. In recent years, the Status Square in Central has been selected as the base for their flagship Christmas event.

Wishes on the Wind at Central, Hong Kong

This year, three giant dandelions has been erected in an event named Wishes on the Wind. The idea is for these metallic dandelions to carry and spread our wishes symbolically with the wind.

Wishes on the Wind by Hong Kong Tourism Board

If you have seen what the Hong Kong Tourism Board has managed to bring to Status Square in previous years (with huge support from sponsors), you would probably give a thumbs down to this year's decorations. In 2010, there was the 18 meter Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree. It was so tall and bright that could be seen from the other side of the Victoria Harbour. In 2012, there was the Tiffany Christmas Wonderland which coated Hong Kong's CBD into the famous Tiffany & Co. Blue. In this 2013, they brought us three poles with some discs like objects.

Having said that, this is only one of the many Christmas events that the Hong Kong Tourism Board supports. There are still plenty of chances to catch the Christmas spirit in Hong Kong. Our Wished on the Wind is of course to have a proper Christmas Wonderland at Status Square in Central next year!