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Hong Kong Dollar is Hong Kong's only currency. USD $1 approximately equals to HKD $7.8; where EUR $1 is around HKD $10 to $11. Vast majority of shops in Hong Kong accepts payment in HKD only, some may accept the mainland Chinese currency Renminbi RMB or CNY. 

Although major credit cards are accepted in more stores, cash is still the preferred means of payment in many locations. In particular, local diners, shops, bargain markets and public transport such as taxis usually deal in cash. It pays to exchange some Hong Kong Dollar at the airport. There are also plenty of currency exchange locations in most tourist areas.

HKD is at a fixed exchange rate to USD. The monetary authority keep the rate of USD $1 within the HKD $7.75 to 7.85 margin. This made it very easy for visitors to determine whether the Buy & Sell of a currency exchange counter is favourable.

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