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Driving and Parking

Unless you really, really, really loves to drive; unless you are staying at a remote area in Hong Kong; unless you have plenty of time, money and patience; you are not recommended to drive when you visit Hong Kong. First of all, Hong Kong's public transport system is great. Secondly, Hong Kong isn't really that big. Most importantly, driving in Hong Kong can be a headache. Local drivers are impatient, impolite and aggressive once they are behind the wheels. While this may be common in many metropolitan cities, the streets in Hong Kong are very narrow and full of 'surprises'. Parking in Hong Kong is extremely expensive. Car parks charge by the hour or half hour at sky high rates. Convenient car parks are usually full and don't really need your business. It's near impossible to get a parking spot on the streets, even if you do, you would need to feed the meter every 1 to 2 hours. The funniest part of all is, most car parks and meters do not take cash. All drivers need to pay by Octopus, which is great for travelling on public transports. Think again before your hire that car when you arrive...

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