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Friendly Strangers

Just like travelling in any other city, one needs to be careful when being approached by 'friendly' strangers in Hong Kong. The locals in Hong Kong do not have a tendency of approaching or chatting with random strangers. Hong Kongers are nice people but they are not a group that would break the ice with everybody. When strangers approach you in Hong Kong, they are most likely after something! 

Beware of those who offer 'tailor suit for you, sir' or asking for 'your generous donation'. Before you follow those who offer tailor suit, cheap watches or electronics, make sure that you know the actual market price. It also pays to know your escape route. Before you offer donations to anyone, no matter what cause they stand for, no matter how old or how poor they look, remember, it is very possible that the people you met are in a 'commission based' business. While it is possible that one may really wanted to offer tailor suit for you at bargain price or really collecting for a good cause, the chance of this happening in Hong Kong is rare. Safe travel! 

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