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Red Mini Bus

Mini Bus (Public Light Bus) is an alternative means of transport in Hong Kong. They are much small than buses but bigger than taxis. Mini Bus usually full the gap by serving in routes that buses or MTR do not cover, offering a cheap alternative to taxis. These 16 seats monsters can be found in Red or Green, which can be easily distinguished by the colour of the hood. 

Red mini vans are known for their speed. The drivers are always in a hurry for another round, and they will get you to your destination very soon. They do not run in fixed routes. In other words, red mini vans have a preferred starting and ending district, but they do not have a fixed route. They would have a usual path, but the driver may change without notice. Payment is usually done when you get off the red mini vans. However, one can now find more red mini vans with very predicable routes. There are also some red mini vans who charge when you aboard the bus. Unless you REALLY know where you are going, or know the area of your destination very well, tourist are not recommended to travel on red mini vans.

Red Mini Bus in Hong Kong

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