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Taxi Issues

Taxi drivers in Hong Kong are usually professional and most of your taxi journeys should be hassle free. However, the follow issues may still happen occasionally:
  • taxi drivers do not stop when they see a foreign face or they claim that they have not heard of the address; which you still need to give them a benefit of a doubt
  • taxi drivers go in loops, detour or take a longer route; which you can complaint to the driver or take note of their car registration
  • a Kowloon taxi driver crossed the harbour (and vice versa) and is not too familiar with his/her way; which they can check on Google Maps, phone a friend or ask on their taxi radios
  • taxi drivers who do not go by the meter or asks for surcharge when they pick you up at popular tourist spots such as Lan Kwai Fong late at night; which is illegal and you should launch a complaint afterwards
The key is to stay calm, take note of their registration  and ask for a receipt. But really, most of your taxi journeys in Hong Kong should not have any problems.

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