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Tramways or simply Tram is a public transport system that offers an unique Hong Kong flavour. Tram runs on dedicated tracks and share some parts the road with other vehicles. Tramways stretch across the northern side of the Hong Kong Island from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan, running East bound and West bound. (Note: The Happy Valley section is a loop that detours from the main tracks.) The full journey would take more than 2 hours, mostly due to the fact that trams are extremely slow. There are plenty of stops in between. No matter where you hop on, it charges a flat rate of just over two HK dollars. It is a great way to see Hong Kong if you have time to spare.

Hong Kong Tram

Here are some simple steps to travel on trams:
1) Check whether you are going East bound or West bound
2) Take note of your destination, check our the terminus of approach trams (the sign at the front)
3) Aboard a tram that terminates beyond your destination from the back door
4) Enjoy your journey. Sit at the upper deck to enjoy light breeze
5) Depart the tram from the front door, pay with exact change or Octopus before you leave

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