Kumamon Cafe at APM Kwun Tong

Kumamon, a cute cartoon bear from Japan, has opened a cafe in Hong Kong's APM Shopping Mall. Originally a mascot created by the local government of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, Kumamon has gain huge popularity within Japan and overseas market such as Hong Kong.

Adored by thousands, Kumamon has raised the profile of Kumamoto products as well as moving plenty of merchandise. Young ladies in Hong Kong are an intergal part of Kumamon's fan base, it's a market that Mr Bear would not miss.

Known for it's reputation for opening 'Pop-up' Cafe, Kumamon only operates it cafe for several months in one location. Its die-hard fans have a few months to dine at this cafe at Kwun Tong APM shopping mall before it disappears again. There are plenty of photo opportunities at, Kumamon Bar, the displays next to the Kumamon cafe.