Pikachu Pokemon at The One Christmas

Christmas Season has begun in Hong Kong! For those who have been following us in the past few years would know that Christmas is one of our busiest season in the year. Although it's only November, shopping malls around Hong Kong has already setup Christmas trees and decors to prepare for the upcoming shopping season.

Pikachu from Pokemon inside a giant Pikachu spaceship

In recent years. shopping malls are eager to differentiate themselves from each other during Christmas. The traditional Christmas Tree no longer does the trick. The One shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui is one that consistently come up with surprises. This Christmas, they have Pikachu!

The ONE x Pikachu @ 2014 Christmas

Pikachu is ready to celebrate Christmas

One can find plenty of cut Pikachu inside and outside of The One. This yellow-rabbit-look-a-like character from Pokemon is known to many young and old around the world. You just gotta catch-em all at The One in Hong Kong!

A huge Pikachu space ship