1881 Heritage Enchanted Festive Forest

Event: Enchanted Festive Forest
Location: Grand Piazza, 1881 Heritage
Address: 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

1881 Heritage, one of Hong Kong's refurbished historical architecture cum luxury goods shopping mall set up a enchanted forest in it's grand plaza (i.e. forecourt) this Christmas. Honestly speaking, it looks more like a huge complicated candle from a distance... but may be it IS a huge glowing candle.

The business model of 1881 is still one big mystery to us. The vast majority of visitors who take photographs at 1881 are not their target customers. This reason is simple. All shops in 1881 sell extremely luxurious goods. And yet, 1881 Heritage put in a lot of effort every Christmas (and near St Valentine's day) in these displays to attract foot traffic, which potentially drive away those who are willing to spend, say USD50,000 on a luxurious watch.

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