Chinese New Year of the Sheep Goat Ram at Landmark

A Happy Chinese New Year of the Sheep!

Hundreds of Lamb at Landmark, Hong Kong

It's Chinese New Year! It is the most important festival for Chinese around the world. Without a doubt Hong Kong is celebrating this festive season. 

It's a mountain of Sheep

The Chinese lunar calendar has 12 zodiac named after 12 animals. This 2015 is the Year of the Goat, well... some also say that it is the Year of the Sheep or Ram. In Chinese (the language), it only specify the broader animal group sheep-goat-ram and did not specified any particular type. As a result, different people would interpret this differently and all of them are correct!

One will find shopping malls in Hong Kong interpret this differently. For Landmark in Central, they definitely thinks that it is the Year of the Sheep. In fact, they have placed a mountain of sheep (not wool) in different colour at their atrium. It is quite a landmark to visit.