Paragliding at Dragon's Back

Paragliding is gotta be one of the coolest sports that is closest to flying. You can enjoy freedom while surfing in the sky like a bird. Given the right seasons, timing, conditions (and potentially heaps of other factors), there 8 locations in Hong Kong where you can enjoy the fun of paragliding.

Dragon's Back is a popular paragliding site in Hong Kong. Para-gliders can enjoy the scenic view of Shek O Beach, golf course and the luxury real estate in Shek O. Since there are no direct vehicle access (ie. no road suitable for vehicles) to all paragliding sites in Hong Kong, before one can fly, one must carry the equipment uphill by feet! 

Having said that, the number of paragliding enthusiast you can find on a good flying day is solid proof to how rewarding the experience would be.  

To para-glide in Hong Kong, there are certain rules that one must follow, eg.

  • complete a certification course
  • launch from an approved site
  • follow aviation rules
  • any other things that are covered in the certification course :)

There are certain risks that one must take, eg.

  • lack of wind to launch (after you have carried all the equipment uphill)
  • injury or death (like any other sports)
  • this is not covered by insurance

For those who do not have time to complete the certification, you can still fly in a 2 seat-er with an instructor literally "watching your back". You don't have to be William Huang to believe that you can fly.