Sparkling BVLGARI Roman Holiday in Central

A centre piece of Hong Kong Winter Festival 2015, the luxury brand BVLGARI built a giant sparking necklace in Central's Statue Square. Themed around Roman holiday, the light structure sparkles at the heart of Central.

Sparkling BVLGARI Roman Holiday
Just across the road from City Hall, the Status Square has been chosen as one of the key locations for Hong Kong's Winter Festival supported by the tourism board. In the past, other luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Swarovski has supported the same event.

This year, it's BVLGARI's turn and the Italian jewelry brand brought a glowing necklace that looks like Lord Voldemort's snake. Oh gosh! One needs to be brave to enjoy their time in Rome. Thank goodness there is a Christmas tree for those who are afraid of you-know-who. There is also a hut that takes instant photographs and key your images to a roman coliseum.

You better watch out! Lord Voldemort is coming to town!