Home Broadband: Mobile Wireless Router

Mobile Wireless Routers provide fixed wireless broadband for your home and office. The device itself is a Wi-Fi / LAN router. It has a USB port for plugging in an USB modem to share the mobile broadband connection with other users. There are already several well known computer accessories manufacturers produce high quality mobile wireless routers. They are easy to set up and make life so simple.

That's all folks! :)

They are literally plug and play devices. Those made by renowned manufacturers also come with easy to understand manuals.

An example of bundled USB modem and router
There are mobile network operators who provide bundled services using this technology. They offer a router, an USB modem and a home or office broadband connection at a monthly subscription fee. This has provided an alternative solution to households who cannot obtain good quality land line connections. Of course, the performance of the mobile connection relies on the investment and management in network equipment by the network operator.

It's good to have a choice.