Sculpture Walk @ Kowloon Park

These sculptures are on permanent displays at the Sculpture walk of the Kowloon Park. The general public are free to access during park hours. The Sculpture Walk hosts the Kung Fu Corner show on every Sunday from 2:30 to 4:30pm.

The name, artist and materials of these sculptures are presented on the posts. I couldn't help but imagine that some of these sculptures presents parts of our bodies in an abstract way. Of course, these are just my imaginations.

Nothing by Lau Yau-Kuen. Made of Bronze

Forged Fossile by Thierry Hauch. Made of White Marble & Bronze

Budding, Chu Kai-Man. Made of Bronze

Yin Yang by Slamet Witjaksono. Made of Steel

Kowloon Park hosts a series of mini-shows and displays throughout the year. It is also the home of exotic birds and plants, a small natural heaven in the city.